Mark your calendar for 2017 Event: March 3-5 in New Hope, PA at the Logan Inn

Friday, March 3: 7-9pm
Saturday, March 4: 8am-5pm
Sunday, March 5: 8am-12pm
View and Print Writers Weekend 2017 event schedule (PDF)
Logan Inn 10 W. Ferry St. (Corner of Ferry & Main) New Hope, PA Directions -attendees will get parking passes

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Your Best Business Card May Be Your Book

What did we do at the Winter Writers’ Weekend in 2016?

We learned how to build a book.

I’ll confess I didn’t come up with the phrase myself. I borrowed it from one of the attendees at the Fourth Annual Winter Writers’ Weekend, which took place the first weekend in March in Lambertville, NJ.

“Building a book” is really a great way to explain just what the Winter Writers’ Weekend was all about.

We learned about social media, Amazon, e-book promotions, copyright, thinking about your book as a business, mobile websites, how to develop a marketing campaign, the “four legs” of your author platform, what makes a great book cover, how to use Lightning Source, CreateSpace and other printers.

I’m feel like I’m running out of breath just trying to talk about it all.

Thanks to all of our wonderful guest speakers. Thanks to our 40 author participants. Yes, we all learned a lot, but I think the best part of the weekend is always the people. In fact, everyone enjoyed getting to know each other so much we started a Facebook page just for the participants and speakers.

If you missed the Fourth Annual Winter Writers’ Weekend, don’t worry, we are already planning the fifth one. Keep watching this space for news about the Fifth Annual Winter Writers’ Weekend, coming in 2017.

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Praise for the Winter Writers’ Weekend

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful conference this past weekend. I was happy for the opportunity to attend and even more pleased as this past Friday and Saturday unfolded and I soaked up the valuable information your speakers had to offer.
The event was first class. Not only were the speakers amazing, but the beautiful facility, the snacks, the constantly replenished water, soda and ice, the selection of restaurants in Lambertville, the well organized flow of speakers in both rooms – all of it combined to make a truly memorable occasion. You are to be commended for your attention to detail and your obvious love for every aspect of publishing and for the authors you represent.
Thanks again. It was such a pleasure to meet you and I hope our paths cross in the future.
-Nancy Labs (2016)

The Winter Writers’ Weekend was full of helpful, practical advice for writers wanting to market their books. I found it enormously energizing to spend a weekend learning from other writers and people in the trade. …. I definitely recommend the weekend for authors who want to learn how to reach a wider audience.

“I think the energy was excellent! Just excellent. … The lineup of speakers was a good balance and pretty creative.”

The Winter Writers Weekend was a very positive experience for me and I want to thank you each and everyone for your part in making it making it happen. Of course, I want to thank Karen for creating the event and creating the space for it to happen. Of course, I want to thank Barbara for all her Goddess work behind the scenes and for the presence of her energy throughout the weekend. And of course, I want to thank all of the presenters of the sessions I attended.

“I did love it and am very glad I came. It felt very nurturing as well as exciting—good combo!”