Have a Book, Now What? The Art of Making People Interested in Your Book (and you)

The days of sending our review copies and press releases and waiting for things to happen are long gone. With thousands of books coming out every day, in every genre, an author must employ creativity and be determined, patient and optimistic.
The fundamental element of book marketing and publicity is enticing people to take interest in your book. Traditional media, social media and online book discoverability techniques. Regardless of the method, it all comes down to capturing someone’s attention with a pitch, press release, headline, subject line, online book description, or Tweet. It’s about quick persuasion to draw out serious interest.
Prior to the conference, attendees will submit brief descriptions of their book, manuscript or book idea. Dan and his staff will select six of these. After a brief introduction on the art of the pitch, persuasion, and publicity, the audience will be divided into groups. Each group will be presented with one of the selected books and given instructions to create a 30 second elevator pitch, pitching tagline/phrase, and story idea or radio/TV show idea.
Dan and his Smith Publicity publicists will spend time at each group’s table leading them in developing the pitching platforms. Group members will be encouraged to brainstorm and come up with multiple ideas, then winnow these down to the single most compelling pitch.
After the brainstorming session, Dan will lead the entire group in a table by table look at the pitch they have developed. Dan will give a summary of what happened in the process the groups just completed, what can be gleaned from it and applied for author promotional efforts. All participants will then be asked to vote on the group that developed the best pitch package. The group that wins the vote will select one of their members who will receive one free month of comprehensive publicity service from Smith Publicity!