Mark Hurwich

Mark Hurwich

Soul Whisperer, Coach, Magician

Mark Hurwich is known as a soul whisperer, coach, and often a magician by writers, innovative business leaders, and other healers/coaches who are struggling to bring something important into the world, but are “stuck.” When stuck, you have the skills you need—but still find yourself blocked in applying them. Writer’s block is a common example. You’re making little or no progress, finding it hard to match attention to intentions, and are really frustrated and even at war with yourself…often with a lot of self-critical internal dialog and “shoulds.”

Mark enables blocks that have kept you stuck to vanish remarkably quickly: as if by magic. In addition to writer’s block, such blocks to vital self-expression include phobias around speaking up, networking, new initiatives, asking for money, and even driving. Also, Mark frequently works with executives and entrepreneurs stuck in growing new aspects of their business or recovering from failures of an old one.

Mark’s work shifts what you struggled to do into what you can’t wait to do. Mark enables this by refocusing your energy on what you want, guiding you to reconnect to your soul intention, shifting conflict to alignment between polarized internal parts, and healing wounds triggered by what’s stuck.

Mark’s background pairs a deep grounding in self-development with years of experience in business and entrepreneurship. He has well over 1,000 hours of training and certifications in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Internal Family Systems, and Shadow-Light Integration. He’s also consulted and coached for over 30 years at the c-suite level as a partner in internationally renowned management and strategy consulting firms. Mark has a BS from MIT, and an MBA from Wharton, and has authored over 50 publications and spoken around the world.